Video Game Exercising In Fort Madison

Video Game Exercising In Fort Madison

Welcome to the Healthy Fort Madison Children blog. This site is for Fort Madison parents who are concerned about the health of Iowa children. Today’s article looks at fitness video games.

If your child would rather exercise their thumb on a gaming console than shoot some hoops or kick a soccer ball, they might enjoy Wii, Playstation, and Xbox games that require them to move their body to play the game. If players enjoy the game, they will probably not mind (or notice) sweating a little bit.

Of course, you will need the necessary accessories to play these fitness games. Your nearest Fort Madison Target, Wal-Mart or Best Buy probably has everything you need for your gaming system.

I perused the internet to see which games came up on game review sites. The following are bestsellers:

EA Sports Active
Dance Dance Revolution
Gold’s Gym Cardio and Dance Workout
Kinect Sports Review
Nickelodeon Fit
Wii Fit

By providing a variety of exercise choices for our Fort Madison children, we can encourage them to get some exercise every day. (You may also enjoy playing them with your child, but be prepared to lose.)

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